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Clear Sky Clocks

Congaree National Park:

CSC for Congaree

MAC-Hunter Obs:

CSC for MAC-Hunter

MAC-Durieux Site:

CSC for MAC-Durieux

Sugarloaf Obs:

CSC for Sugarloaf

West Columbia:

CSC for West Columbia

Other CSCs in SC

Satellite Weather Imagery

website with various loops

Visible Image

Current Goes east eastern us visable image Visible Satellite Image

IR Image

Current Goes east infra red conus sector image Infrared Satellite Image

Water Vapor Image

Current Goes east eastern us water vapor image Water Vapor Satellite Image

Observing Resources

This moon applet is attributed to 'Chris Cobb' on many other astro sites... unfortunately, the link they provide goes to, well, a site we won't go to!

This moon and Jupiter applets are from the Night Sky Observer.

To learn more about moon phases...

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Aurora Borealis

Columbia is a pretty far south to see the aurora borealis or Northern Lights on a regular basis. On very rare occasions, we get lucky when there's a strong solar storm. Below are some indicators from other sites that I have found useful for determining if aurorae will be visible at this latitude.

Real Time Dst
for more details, please visit, the Real Time Dst Estimate Web Page

POES Auroral Activity
for more info about the auroral oval, please visit POES Auroral Activity