The Midlands Astronomy Club holds private monthly observing sessions away from city lights to provide the opportunity for learning and observing the night sky under some of the darkest skies in the Midlands. The observing sessions also provide members with the chance to observe through a wide variety of telescopes. If you are considering purchasing a telescope, or other equipment, this is the best chance to try before you buy. Telescope owners are delighted to have you look through their instruments and to discuss the pros and cons of various types and designs. By the way, owning a telescope is not required to be a member of the club! Twice each year MAC also has a combination observing session and cookout.

We schedule Primary and an Alternate observing sessions each month on Saturdays closest to the last quarter and new moon phases. Dates are posted each month in the meeting announcement box on our home page. If you are not a current member but are interested in observing under dark skies, contact us to arrange a time. We would be happy to invite you to join us!

We also hold public observing events (sidewalk astronomy) each month on the Saturday closest to the first quarter moon phase. These events are typically held somewhere where there tends to be a lot of foot traffic, such as a local restaurant, to allow passers-by the chance to observe the sun, moon, planets, and some of the brighter deep-sky objects.

observing sites

Over the years, MAC has had access to several public and private sites for observing. Unfortunately, over time, many of the sites have become unsuitable.