Observing Go - No Go Decision Page

Weather forecast: 1:00am Friday January 30, 2015 Clearing Friday morning and remaining so into the evening

Fri Jan 30

Outreach Lexington Library St. Andrew Rd.
Decision: GO
Sunset 5:52pm, Twilight 7:18pm Moonset 4:39am

Sat Feb 7

Decision: TBD
Sunset 6:00pm, Twilight 7:25pm Moonrise 9:31pm

Sat Feb 14

Primary OS MAC-Hunter
Decision: TBD
Sunset 6:06pm, Twilight 7:31pm Moonrise 4:01am

Sat Feb 21

Alternate OS MAC-Johnson
Decision: TBD
Sunset 6:13pm, Twilight 7:36pm Moonset 9:36am

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