Observing Go - No Go Decision Page

Weather forecast:1:00pm Friday January 20, 2017 Clearing expected Monday.

Sat Jan 21

Primary OS MAC-Johnson
Decision: NOGO Looking to be a wet weekend
Sunset 5:44pm, Twilight 7:11pm moon rise 2:48am

Mon Jan 23

Public Session
Batesburg-Leesville Library
Decision: Rescheduled TBD
Sunset 5:46pm, Twilight 7:12pm moonrise 4:32am

Sat Jan 28

Alternate OS MAC-Johnson
Decision: TBA
Sunset 5:51pm, Twilight 7:17pm new moon

Mon Jan 30

Public Session
Swansea Branch Library 199 North Lawrence Avenue
Decision: TBA
Sunset 5:53pm, Twilight 7:18pm 9:46pm moon set

Tue Jan 31

Public Session
Irmo branch Lexington Library 6251 St. Andrews Road
Decision: TBA
Sunset 5:54pm, Twilight 7:19pm moon set 9:48pm

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