Observing Go - No Go Decision Page

Weather forecast: 11:40am Saturday October 18, 2014 Expecting just above 70F at 6pm falling to 60F by 11 pm with light wind from the north making it feel cooler.

Sat Oct 18

Primary OS Fall CookoutMAC-Hunter
Decision: GO RSVP required
Sunset 6:46pm, Twilight 8:09pm Moonrise 3:35am

Cookout RSVP List

Member RSVP Side Dish
Alex M 2
Dan O 1
Greg G 4 Apple dumplings
Larry M 2
Bryan D 1 Cookie cake
Paul W 8 Macaroni salad
Sam D 4 Potato salad, pumpkin pie
John D 3
Brian P 1 Potato Salad
Mike E 1
Bill H 2
Everett S 2 Fruit
Jim W 3
Doug L 3 Chocolate Candy
Richard H 1
John H 1 Broccoli casserole
Ken C 1 Baked beans
Gus M 1 Fruit plate
Paul R 1
Chip C 2
Kevin M 2
Kyle W 2
Mike M 2 Potato salad and coleslaw
Will N 5 Deviled eggs, dessert
Total 55

Sat Oct 25

Alternate OS MAC-Johnson
Decision: TBD
Sunset 6:38pm, Twilight 8:02pm New moon

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