Observing Go - No Go Decision Page

Weather forecast: 1:20pm Saturday October 25, 2014 Slighty warmer then Friday. About 70F at sunset to about 50F by midnight. Assume some windchill.The no clouds, good transparency and seeing forcast has held out for Saturday evening.

Sat Oct 25

Alternate OS MAC-Johnson
Decision: GO 803-429-1251
Sunset 6:38pm, Twilight 8:02pm New moon

Tue Oct 28

Private outreach OS North of Irmo
Decision: TBD
Sunset 6:35pm, Twilight 7:59pm moonset 10:43pm

Sat Nov 1

Planets for the People Hunter Gatherer 900 Main St.
Decision: TBD
Sunset 6:31pm, Twilight 7:55pm moon set 2:59am

Sat Nov 15

Primary OS MAC-Johnson
Decision: TBD
Sunset 5:20pm, Twilight 6:46pm moonrise 1:18am

Sat Nov 22

Alternate OS MAC-Johnson
Decision: TBD
Sunset 5:17pm, Twilight 6:44pm New moon

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