Next Meeting

September 5 - 7:00pm

Meeting Agenda
Jim Feiste - Astronomy Sketching

Meeting Location
1041 George Rogers Blvd
Columbia, SC

Observing Sessions

8/3: Primary OS
8/10:Science on Tap
8/24: Alternate OS


other information

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Joining the Midlands Astronomy Club

  • Do I have to have a Ph.D. in Astronomy or Physics? No!
  • Do I have to have thousands of dollars worth of equipment? No!
  • Will I have to build my own telescope? Only if you want to!

There are no pre-requisites for becoming a member of MAC - well, maybe just one... an interest in Astronomy! Our members come from all walks of life and all levels of expertise, from newcomers who have never looked through a telescope to professional astronomers and published astrophotographers. The common denominator is our interest in Astronomy.

Membership Types

Membership Type Yearly Dues Recommended for... Member Benefits
Individual $25.00
Recommended if your spouse or other family members might occasionally visit meetings and observing sessions but do not desire to participate.
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Refreshments at meetings
  • Voting privileges
  • Access to private dark-sky observing
  • Membership with the Astronomical League
  • Invitation to special club events
Family $35.00
Recommended if more than one family member plans to attend and participate in club events. Family members must live in the same household.
Student $10.00
Any full-time student under 25 years of age.
Newsletter Free
For those who can't make it to club events but would like to stay in touch.
  • Monthly newsletter only


Please fill out a MEMBERSHIP FORM. Then we offer multiple ways to pay your club dues:

  1. Pay by cash, check, or credit card at a club meeting.
  2. Mail a check payable to Midlands Astronomy Club to PO Box 2527, Columbia, SC 29202.
  3. Pay with PayPal using the form below:

    Select a Membership Type

We do welcome visitors to both the regular meetings and observing sessions, but if you find yourself regularly attending meetings and events, please consider joining!