Next Meeting

Apr 2

GS: Alex Mowery - Photographing the Solar System - A Guide to Equipment and Techniques

Upcoming Observing

14 Mar: Primary OS

21 Mar: Alternate OS

28 Mar: Planets for the People, Location TBD


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Midlands Astronomy Club, Inc
P.O. Box 2527
Columbia, SC 29202


The Board Members are elected from the current membership by the members. For 2014 they are:

  • President: Alex Mowery, 803.917.1620
  • 1st VP: Larry Metcalf
  • 2nd VP: Paul Romanyszyn, 803.782.6674
  • Corresponding Secretary: Will Nelson
  • Recording Secretary: Pam Prim
  • Treasurer: Hap Griffin
  • Past President: Doyle Williams, 803.238.6567

The entire board can be reached at macinfo[at]midlandsastronomyclub[dot]org.


MAC is slowly developing a program to assist schools, scouts and other groups with their astronomy programs.


The MAC website has been around since ~1995. Several members have volunteered over the years to help maintain it. The current editors are


MAC also utilizes several maillists to keep MAC members informed of various activities. Details about those are in the members-only area.